Thursday, 24 March 2011

020 - The Field (From Here We Go Sublime)

The Field has a different approach to John Roberts (or  James Blake) with regard to how frequently sounds should be used. Whereas John & James value pauses and silence as devices almost as much as they do sound itself, moments of non-sound in The Field's work are hard to come by. Instead, he champions looping of the same sounds back-to-back, an uncommon take on the concept of repetition. The result is simply a constant wall of sound, placing the tracks in perpetual motion. His melodies are very basic, but his use of dynamics isn't: occasionally elements are thrust into the foreground through a shift in dynamics. For better or for worse, there's little variation on this album: formally it remains constant throughout. There is, however, enough variation in the sound-sets of the individual songs to make this an album worth listening to.

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