Thursday, 10 March 2011

006 - Stellastar* (Stellastar*)

I've recently started revisiting albums I used to listen to when I was younger. The main purpose of this is to see comparatively how I receive them now, underpinned by the belief that art strives for timelessness - to resonate in ages different from that within which it was created. If art is unable to stay relevant it is forgotten.

Although perhaps not as good as I remembered, re-listening to Stellastar*'s eponymous first album of 2003 managed to bring many a smile to my face after years in the cold. If I had to, I'd classify this as post-punk revival. The whole album exudes energy, the kind of which only thrashy guitars can bring about. In the first song there's something attractively haunting about the line "Jenny's coming after you" - the climax is so very raw also.  The second track is fairly raw and post-punk-y throughout.

Stellastar* - Jenny

Stellastar* - No Weather

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