Friday, 1 April 2011

024 - Sh*t Robot

Time has never been more valuable - we try to maximize it in moments of leisure by seeking as much amusement in as little time as possible. As such, when 21st Century artists exceed lengths standard to their medium - whether in film, literature or music - they run the risk of not having provided enough enjoyment per minute to satisfy their customer. Serge Santiago runs that risk with his ten minute long remix. I would say, however,  that it's worth every second. I can't work out whether the track is simply divided in half or the first 4 minutes serve as an intro - whatever it is, there are two distinct sections. The first is characterized by a tongue-in-cheek vocal line about the pains of modern living, with the second being dominated by a truly feel-good, borderline disco/house piano part.

Shit Robot - Simple Things (Serge Santiago remix)

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