Tuesday, 5 July 2011

43 - Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter / Kink

Vocals are notoriously difficult to get right in electronic music. Too often, they fall into the realm of the absurd. House is plagued by tracks whose vocal supplements undermine instrumental decency. With the words: "let yourself go" opening the track and "you know its all about the music, that feel-good music" following them, this track certainly comes close to cliche - yet somehow manages to meander past it.

It marches and gathers momentum as its syncopated beat progresses. Post-intro, it is reliant on the two notes at the end of its melodic phrase to keep it in motion. It has 4 discernible segments, that clearly define the track as one of sustained development. The original nature of some of the cues - slurry, buzzing notes introducing the hi-hats - help keep this track fresh, despite countless listens.

Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter - Muzik (Kink remix)

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