Saturday, 19 November 2011

064 - Maya Jane Coles

These two are taken from Maya Jane Coles' Bubbler  EP. The title track bounces along without going anywhere, never really moving toward a crescendo.  Although the lack of climax may disappoint, it forms part of the tracks strength and appeal. Instead of climbing mountains or raising intensity, Bubbler  remains comfortable where it is: on an already-lively house dancefloor.

Second up is Nowhere, similar to Bubbler but with an increased vocal presence. The lyrics are provided by Maya Jane herself, with just cause: her sultry voice delivers a catchy hook ("nowhere to go, there's no place for me, I don't fit in here, I just don't feel free") as well as any house queen might.  The lightness and vibrance of both tracks mean this EP is ideal for maintining the positive mood of a party - without losing its energy.

Maya Jane Coles - Bubbler

Maya Jane Coles - Nowhere

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