Friday, 2 March 2012

076 - Thomalla

* A track marked by its intensity and variety *

There isn't much of an easing into this song: after 40 seconds a high-octane precedent is set whose tenacity is maintained for the next 6 minutes.The great thing about this track is that it manages to dip on numerous occasions, and every time it picks up again it reaches higher hights than before: the perfect way to sustain intensity. A personal highlight is circa 2:30 when the the track first really finds itself in full swing, capable of making anybody move. Yet again, it takes a step back soon thereafter, allowing  you to bathe in it - take a breath. the high hat skips it along so delicately - all the while there's a whistling sound in the back, lurking in the shadows. The high end dances and pings around giving the track its width. 
In one of the greater leaps of faith this track askes the listener to make, come 4:30, it just launches off into what can only be described as a life-or-death vortex of electrifying intensity that is sustained only breifly, only to dissipate. Yet at the break-down, there is no sign of the track wishing to say goodbye, despite it having reached its peak. Ultimately triumphant, defiantly uplifting. 

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