Thursday, 10 October 2013

In The Comment Box

In an effort to better understand my music collection I make notes on individual tracks in DJ software Serato's comment box.  A privilege (or a curse?) of DJing with digital files, I can stay in touch with the margins of my collection and compensate for memory lack. Record store Hardwax historically employs a similar tact:  so as to describe each new release and save space on their weekly, printed A4 newsletter, the Berliners developed a concise style of summarising their latest stock. Joy Orbison even named a track of his in honour of the shop's long-standing tradition, entitling a 2012 track 'Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - TIP!'.

Problematic in its own right (potentially vague, insufficient and misleading), this method is by no means perfect. A flash-insight as opposed to more traditional promotional spiel, they serve to give an impression, feeling or sense of the music and not a re/over -view. 


Hardwax continue to use their laconic style of summary, despite no longer being spatially constrained. Leaving notions of habit and identity aside, perhaps it is because although space is no longer precious, time is, and a few words are all a record needs to encourage its listening.


So, a track shared weekly, with the notes from my comment box:

strong dream-like left-field soulful exotic groove

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