Wednesday, 16 March 2011

011 - Ben Klock

Techno is a genre obsessed with form. The only melodic component of this track remains essentially unchanged throughout, a feature not uncommon to the genre. That variety is not found in melody leads the willing listener to search for alternative areas wherein change resides. Believe it or not, there's subtlety in Techno - it manifests itself in the way in which components are introduced and retracted, as well as the minute shifts they undergo. The lack of variation leads the listener to a closer examination of the sounds presented; how - if, at all - they change, and the way in which they relate with one another. Enjoyment unique to Techno lies specifically in following these formal aspects.

Synesthesia can crudely be defined as the stimulation of one sense resulting in the reaction of another. An example of such would be seeing something one hears, or  tasting something one sees. At a certain point (4:03) during this track, I cannot help but see a dragon emerge from the dark depths, angrily swiping at something it cannot reach. Ahem.

Ben Klock - Sub-Zero

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