Friday, 18 March 2011

012 - DJ Koze

Some songs are attached indelibly to memories - rather, some memories are attached to songs. Although certain music is reminiscent of certain eras, instances wherein music-memory is strongest occur in moments of having heard particular songs for the first time. These memories seem seared into my oft forgetful brain.

I know I will simply never forget the first time I heard this song. That music can have such an effect proves its power. There's a whirring noise (introduced circa 2:35) that sounds as though it's caused by a wind tunnel, or the back window of a car being open whilst driving at night: the way it creeps out of the shadows to centre-stage is so smoothly executed: seamlessly, the other sounds - once predominant -  fade into insignificance, culminating in the listener's attention solely being focused on the whirr (3:44), lasting almost two minutes. There's a police siren (3:04), noteworthy for its singular use. Many of the sounds of the first half aren't present in the second. Note the rhythm of the hi-hat, introduced in the last minute of the song. Combined, the track exudes an inexplicability, resulting in something decidedly greater than the sum of its parts. It actually sounds sorrowful and sombre, but not defeated; melancholic, yet serene and calm.

This is hands down one of the best tracks I know - from any genre.

DJ Koze - Mariposa

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