Monday, 25 July 2011

048 - The MFA / Superpitcher

Superpitcher's remix of The Difference It Makes  emblematizes the sound associated with Cologne's Kompakt Records. Within techno's spectrum, the label could not have adopted an aesthetic more opposed to the industrialism of Ostgut Ton's. Instead of their dark and uncompromising tones, Kompakt favour light, warmth and accessibility. The self-confessed influence of pop - with a frequent presence of vocals and strong melodies - is as readily apparent here as it is on the influential Total  compilation series that showcases the imprint's latest productions. The track has an airy, ambient feel to it, caused primarily by the droney sound dwelling in the middle frequencies. Again characteristic is the length and direction of the track: in a progressive fashion, it meanders along gathering and losing momentum with sharp hi-hats and crisp kicks, integrated with devilishly organic smoothness.

When listening I cannot help but see clear skies and open natural spaces rushing by, perhaps viewed through a Rocky Mountaineer train window - hence the inclusion of this fitting artwork:

The MFA - The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher remix) - ( buy )

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