Monday, 9 April 2012

079 - Ambassadeurs & Bwana

Here are two tracks that I am currently enjoying that take R&B sampling to a whole new level. Listen out for the vintage Mary J Blige vocal in one of them...

I stumbled across this amazing tune by Ambassadeurs via Youtube, as is often the case. They recently showcased the video for it - reminds me a little of the Slugabed "Moonbeam Rider" vid - the visuals really accompany it well but it is the song that really sticks in my mind, so bitter/sweet. I shall stop yapping now but have a listen:

Ambassadeurs - "M.O.P.E"

Bwana is a 21 year old producer from Canada who is currently at university in Leeds. Surprisingly, though he's becoming a noteable figure within the Bass genre he has actually only been producing for a little over a year so major kudos to him. This is my favourite song by him... so far:

Bwana - "This is Real"

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