Thursday, 5 April 2012


Open / Closed would like to present their latest exhibition: URBANDSEY. 

The illustration, architectural work, photography, sculpture and painting on display in the Vibe Gallery from the 14th to the 18th of April have all been inspired by experiences specific to the urban environment. Drawing contributors from different artistic backgrounds leads to the simultaneous presentation of disparate perceptions of the city, seeking to widen understandings of our surroundings.

Together the contributions form a light-hearted exploration of what it means to talk of the city; how city-life distinguishes itself from other modes of being and why we love – or loathe – living this way.  In short, URBANDSEY takes a moment to reflect on urban existence.

The point(s) of departure for URBANDSEY can be surmised as follows:
A city or a metropolis. New York, Paris, London. Busses, trams or tubes; rush hour. Canary Wharf; opportunity or disappointment; success or failure; ambition. Collectives and the individual; loneliness, en masse. Adventure or danger, potential or competition. Un-rural, un-friendly; individualistic, opportunistic. Capitalism.  Concrete, Le Corbusier; no fields – parks. Cycling. Density / intensity; history / modernity; degradation / renewal.   

Open / Closed.

An event will be held in the Vibe Gallery on the 14th of April to celebrate the opening of the exhibition. With a licensed bar until 3am, there will be live electronic music from:

“Envelope is the solo project of Oxford’s Tim Matthews. He creates music which fuses found sounds and environmental field recordings with electronic melodies and beat production. The marriage of found sounds and melodic gesture creates an evocative sound collage, with a distinctive emotive quality.”

Envelope makes super smooth, atmospheric beats with a delicately sculpted, organic feel. Ultra refined, devilishly cool. For more info on Envelope‘s Tim Matthews head on over to:

“In order to create the Meditations on Afrocentricsm EP samples of songs, speeches, interviews, field recordings and films were carefully chosen and rearranged to explore the connection between African and African-American music. Rhythms from West Africa are integrated with voices from Harlem, conversations about race and identity between writers and ethnomusicologists are constructed, speeches from activists are conjoined with the voices of prisoners. This process of combining preexisting material has inspired four 'Meditations on Afrocentrism'.”


Exhibition opening: 7pm
Live acts: 8:30pm

Entry: £5

Romare weaves an eclectic range of afrocentric samples to beats charged with energy and vigour. You can check a 4/5 review of his latest EP on Resident Advisor here (, otherwise his soundcloud’s:

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