Wednesday, 27 February 2013

086 - Anthony Naples

New York's party-cum-label Mister Saturday Night start 2013 with a strong release from promising producer Anthony Naples: Moscato.

As soon as the murky intro's 8 bars are up Naples' hypnotic melody declares itself the centrepiece of the track, gliding through as it does with trance-inducing delicacy. Waves of intensity slide in at the touch of gentle yet full-bodied hi-hats, whilst the indiscernible vocal with a walk-on part hangs modestly in the background. As a whole the track feels like the playful, soft bite of a lover declaring intent, delivered with a hint of darkness.

There is nothing coy however about the flipside, launching immediately as it does into high-octane, uncompromised beat-driven furore. The same vocal sample from the A side is reused and craftily recontextualised here, serving to align the track more with the likes of Blawan than Naples' previous releases. Overall it's such an outright stomper of a B side that if heard in its natural ("big room") habitat it would be hard not to lose your mind to.

Anthony Naples - Moscato (Side A)
Anthony Naples - Moscato (Side B)

Get this on vinyl here.

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