Sunday, 3 March 2013

087 - PAMPA012

Die Voegel kicks things off on this pair of remixes from DJ Koze's own Pampa Records released at the tail of last year, with label founder's sought-after Mathew Herbert rework on the flip.

"My Orphaned Son" begins with an organic instrumental arrangement of soft horns, flutes and bells that melt away with the introduction of unhinged piano chords and warped vocals after the halfway mark. The track broods reservedly - dark blood pulsing through as opposed to drowning it - yet just when both mood and tension are at a peak the music is cut, more frustrating than tantalising. Despite drawing to a close too soon however, the rich sound palette and groove-ridden arrangement of this remix are near-faultless.

But Die Voegel's contribution to this 12" of remixes was always going to be eclipsed by Koze's much anticipated behemoth, no matter how pristene. In short: "It's Only" embodies haunting and mesmerising perfection. It's downtrodden not defeated, subtle and smooth; warmly triumphant at the drop but tragic in the vocals. Each sound complements the next effortlessly and necessarily, as though the slightest change would spoil this harmonic composition.

By the time the track draws to a close there's an air of finality that extends beyond the music's conclusion. Compared to Die Voegel's My Orphaned Son, where its abrupt end leaves a bitter taste behind, "It's Only" steals a piece of you with each play, tricking the listener into coming back for more.

Ultimately it's refreshing to hear that for a man with an unpredictable strike rate when it comes to his productions - capable of the masterful [Mariposa] and the questionable [Deine Reime Sind Schweine] - Koze's done it again.

Dntel - My Orphaned Son (Die Voegel remix)
Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze remix)

Grab your digital copy of the Dntel / Herbert - Remix E.P. here.

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